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Royal Doulton Dances of the World American Cabaret


The Dancers of the World collection celebrates dance – a theme that’s long been important in the wider Royal Doulton figurine collection with belles of the ballroom and classic ballerinas all featuring in the past.  Taking inspiration from popular national dances and from the colourful costumes performers wear, Royal Doulton’s designers and artists have captured the spirit and vibrancy of ten dancing traditions.


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American Tap Dance evolved from several dances including the Juba, Lancashire Clog and Irish stepdancing.  It developed throughout the 20th century – first as part of Vaudeville and latterly in films and on Broadway – becoming a spectacular and entertaining dance.  Famous for their tap prowess are stars such as Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson, Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly.  Tap dancing costumes vary but many exponents select a top hat and tails although female performers often reject the trousers to reveal their legs; a walking cane is usually part of the dance.

The American Dancer wears a short black dress with a flared, swinging skirt and elbow length fingerless gloves and sports a black bow tie around her bare neck.  Posed in mid step, holding a cane in one hand and with the other to her hat, American Dancer is an alluring figurine performing her routine with considerable panache.

Material Bone China
Height 22cm
Limited Edition 2,500
Gift Boxed Yes